The All-American Comedy Trek-

is a soon to be released full-length documentary by comedian Dan Knabb. It profiles his 3,000+ mile walk across the United States of America.


The walk began in April, 2007 after a weekend of comedy in New York City. Dan's father and friends all returned home by automobile, but Dan instead took a ferry from Manhattan to Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

From there he walked down the coast for a day and slept on the beach before starting his adventure Westward. Four days later he had made it back to his apartment in Philadelphia. Chaffed, blistered, and sunburned, but otherwise happy and healthy.

It was a trial run, and a successful one, so 2 months later he left Philly on foot. And 50 miles later he was at his parents house in Avondale, PA. Fear and doubt set in but he finally left home in mid-July.


(left to right – top to bottom) Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, New Mexico, Indiana

By September he’d crossed the Mississippi River. Determined to finish by Christmas he was forced to return home when his grandmother fell deathly ill. She passed away shortly after.

With no hope of finishing by the end of the year the walk became more relaxed. The experience was also transformed by the site couchsurfing.org

The walk continued through Missiouri, and Oklahoma. Dan celebrated walking halfway across America on his mother’s 50th birthday!

And then his experience changed. Things got ugly, and scary. Not even the hamburgers were safe. In Texas apparently all toast is Texas Toast.

After a string of misfortunes Dan decided to return home for Christmas after walking nearly 2,000 miles. He’d walked to a point where he decided that it wasn’t safe to walk anymore, and going forward would require some kind of support vehicle. A year later he had that vehicle, but it was almost another 5 before he could convince someone to come with him.


He returned to the same spot where he’d left of in Idalou, Texas and 2 months later his feet were in the Pacific Ocean.

I would love to tell the whole story, but that’s what the documentary is for: