Back To School

Currently midway through my first semester at school in 5 years. I am a much better student than I was at 21 and am actually enjoying it. Should be done and can resume thinking about walking in another year.

Here are some projects I’ve done in a video production class I’m in. With my experience in making films it’s pretty easy so challenge myself to make it more difficult.

Project 1 was to do a “soft” news story. I set out on a quest to find the best facial hair on campus.

Project 2 was a group assignment to make a video on how you could make the school a better place. It had to be 3 minutes long so I wanted to try to do it in one shot. We couldn’t hold the elevator for long so it was done in 2.

Project 3 is likely not going to be humorous so no point in sharing that one.

Vacation Video

Here’s a video I edited together from footage taken during our family vacation to Bermuda.

I also made the music!